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Soviet 293 Rifle/66 Guards Rifle Division

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Soviet 293 Rifle/66 Guards Rifle Division  Reply with quote  


The information here is taken from Appendix I to 'Red Raod from Stalingrad' by Mansur Abdulin, edited bu Artem Drabkin (Pen & Sword Books 2004 - ISBN 1 84415 145X) who is I assume responsible for the information set out below. The authhor was a mortarman in one of the rifle regiments. The appendix forms an interesting case study of a Soviet rifle division and rifle regiment at war at a couple of key points.

24 October 1942 prior to commitment to Stalingrad operation:

293 Division: 10,420 all ranks (shtat 10,868) with 4,523 Russian, 1,225 Ukrainians/Byelorussians, 2,280 Kazakhs, 2,119 other Central Asia, 273 other. Only 1/3 younger than 23, almost half personnel being 25-40.

The divisional artillery was equipped as standard so had 20 76.2mm field guns, 12 122mm howitzers. The 331 AT battalion had 12 45mm AT guns and 36 AT rifles. The division had 1800 horses at TO&E but actually had 1,016.

On 10 November 1942 1034 Rifle Regiment had 2,130 men from a shtat of 2,532. There were 1,655 rifles, 222 SMGs, 52 LMG, 20 MMG, 2 HAAMG, 54 AT rifles, 4 regimental 76.2mm guns, 6 45mm AT guns, 6 inflammable mixture dischargers (ampulomets?), 6 120mm mortars, 27 50mm mortars and 27 82mm mortars.

Losses changed the divisional total strength as follows:
10 November 9,274
20 November 8,069
1 December 6,113
10 December 4,142
20 December 3,797 (having received 500 reinforcements).

The period 1-10 December was where 21 Army prevented a German breakout and the division lost 2,102 all ranks.

The division became 66th Guards Rifle Division and was reformed in the spring of 1943. 1034 Rifle Regiment became 193 Guards Rifle Regiment. By 10 July 1943 the regiment was almost fully re-equipped. However its small arms were not as required by the shtat:

SVT rifles: 295 (shtat 788)
SMG: 680 (shtat 344)
Rifle: 610 (shtat 1,016)
[totals are given for LMG of 161 and MMg of 53 but these seem too high, maybe divisional totals?]

The number of NCOs and rank and file were understrength (701 NCO vs 770 shtat), 1321 rank & file vs 1,748 shtat).

Regimental assets were 4 76.2mm guns, 12 45mm AT guns, 8 120mm mortars, 27 82mm mortars, 18 50mm mortars. Transport for the regiment was 6 lorries and 234 horses (363 shtat). The lorries were intended for the 120mm mortars, the 45mm and 76.2mm guns had four horse teams, mortrs were crew carried.

For the Kursk operation 66th Gyards Rifle formed part of 32 Guards Rifle Corps in 5th Guards Army (Steppe Front).

Strength returns for division:

10 July 8,744
20 July 6,931
losses were 1,879 (balance were reinforcements and transfers)
29 September 3,965
9 October 3,756 (shtat 10,596)
19 October 4,160 (having absorbed 1,041 replacements, with 821 dead & wounded)

In the same three weeks 193 Guards Rifle Regiment lost 38 killed and 279 wounded with 6 missing. On 9 October 1943 the regiment had 609 all ranks (141 officers, 172 NCO, 296 rank and file) (compared to a shtat of 2,713) and was operating as a battalion. The equipment was 240 rifles, 259 SMG, 26 SVT, 7 LMG, 4 MMG. Support weapons were 4 76.2mm guns, 4 45mm AT guns, 7 120mm mortars, 3 82mm mortars. (Divisional artillery had 11 122mm howitzers and 17 76.2mm guns. Transport was 202 horses, 8 lorries.

Hope this is of interest.


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Strength returns are ALWAYS of interest Smile

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